Why Neons Auto

Free Warranty*

Neons Auto offers FREE Certified Vehicle Protection Plan for 3 months/4,500 miles by GWC Warranty.

*Vehicles 5 years old and up to 75,000 miles.
*Comes when you purchase in full price.

Free Delivery*

Just like your new purchase, we’ll gladly to deliver to you up to 50 miles radius for at no cost to you.

*Offer available when you are purchasing in full price.

5-day return policy*

It’s important that you love your new vehicle. So, if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return it within 5 days and 200 miles on it, we’ll take it back.

*Vehicles 5 years old and up to 75,000 miles.

Below Market Pricing

Our vehicles are priced to sell at below market price.

Free Carfax & inspection

Neons Auto offers free auto history for all our vehicles. We inspect our vehicles by Virginia state inspection with 120 points.

Friendly team

We have a fun team with perfect experience on customer service and buying & selling vehicles.

Just like your new purchase, we’ll gladly to deliver to you up to 50 miles radius for at no cost to you.

  • Comes when you purchase in full price.

Neons Auto offers free vehicle protection plan for 3 months/4500 miles.

  • Vehicles 5 years old and up to 75,000 miles.
  • Comes when you purchase in full price.
  • Qualified vehicles only.
    – Vehicles class 1 to 3 only.
  • Limited coverage.
    – Powertrain plus by GWC warranty.

You may return the vehicle to Neons Auto LLC, and seek terminate a purchase
contract, for any reason, within five (5) calendar days of purchase, provided
you strictly adhere to all terms in the Neons Auto LLC. Return Policy set forth

Vehicle Condition

  • The condition of the vehicle is the same as when you purchased the vehicle, except for ordinary wear and tear, and the vehicle has not been in a collision, damaged, or seized.
  • The vehicle has not been operated for more than 200 miles of the mileage listed in the contract.

Written Notice Prior to Return

  • You advise Neons Auto LLC, team in writing of your desire to return the vehicle prior to 5:00 p.m. (prevailing eastern time) on or before the 5th calendar day after the date of purchase (the “Written Notice”). Phone calls will not be accepted to initiate a return.

Location to Return Vehicle

  • You must return the vehicle in person at Neons Auto LLC, located at 4711-A Ewell Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22408 (the Dealership)


  • If you traded a vehicle in to Neons Auto LLC, as part of your transaction, then at the sole discretion of Neons Auto LLC, based on the circumstances, your trade-in vehicle will either be returned to you.

Refunds and Contract Termination:

  • If you return the vehicle, Neons Auto LLC, will refund vehicle sales price (first item on bill of sale-VA), DMV or any registration fees belong to government paid to Neons Auto LLC, as shown on the contract, but Neons Auto LLC, will not refund any costs or charges not reflected on the contract;
  • All purchasers must sign the Neons Auto LLC, return policy documents to complete a return;
  • All refunds, with the exception of cash or wire transfer, require 10-business day to process.
  • Contracts will be terminated or rescinded only after all Neons Auto LLC, return and refund documents are signed by the purchasers and provided to Neons Auto LLC.
  • If any portion of the purchase price for the vehicle was paid by ACH, then you must provide evidence that the ACH payment cleared before Neons Auto LLC, will refund the amount paid by you and/or return your trade-in, or you must wait fifteen (15) business days after the date of purchase.

Cost of return policy

  • Return policy cost you $499.00 on a deal
  • You must pay it on the same day of vehicle porches.